AppSumo Black Friday Deals 2022: Grab Great Deals!

Black Friday comes after thanksgiving, and various markets run the best deals during this occasion. AppSumo is also one of those markets, and the best deals on almost all products on AppSumo run during Black Friday.

The AppSumo Black Friday deals run from 24th to 29th November. Although AppSumo is one of the biggest digital product markets, not all of its products are worth your money or your attention.

However, you don’t need to look anywhere as we will present you with the best AppSumo deals on softwares and business tools. Moreover, all the tools in this list include a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is more than enough to squeeze out all the juice from those tools and figure out whether they can satisfy your needs or not.

1. Ranktracker – SEO Campaign Monitor

AppSumo Ranktracker
Image Source: AppSumo

Ranktracker is a reliable and versatile SEO tool and is one of the best tools for tracking keywords. The tool automatically tracks keywords on a daily basis. Moreover, an unlimited number of domains and users can be added with a single plan of Rank tracker.

Other than targeting keywords, the tool also allows:

SERP Checker: The SERP analysis helps the user to find the weak spots of their competitors.

Web Audit Tool: Get an in-depth health check of your on-site SEO factors and fix the issues with the help of experts.

Backlink Monitor: Check who’s site is linking to yours with the ai powered backlink monitor.

Backlink Checker: Get an insight into your competitors’ backlinks and improve your strategies for better results.

Actionable SEO Tasks: Get a step-by-step guide to climb the search engine rankings.

Reports: Create customizable SEO reports to show your site’s growth.

You can purchase Ranktracker during this AppSumo Black Friday deal for a lifetime at $149, while its actual cost is $708. Moreover, Ranktracker follows a 60-day money-back guarantee, giving users more than enough time to figure out whether the tool is right for them or not.

2. BIGVU – Personal TV Studio

Image Source: AppSumo

BIGVU is an easy-to-use yet powerful software and includes a full suite of video editing tools to create amazing videos quickly. The tool is also available for mobile devices, making it a pocket studio.

With BIGVU, you will have access to the following:

Teleprompter: Instead of purchasing separate tools for projecting script on a transparent panel in front of the camera, you can do so with BIGVU.

Automatic Captions: Although captions are an easy way to give viewers a better understanding, creating them is time-consuming. However, BIGVU generates captions automatically, saving users precious time.

Collaboration Features: BIGVU allows users to add a video creator to their workplace and assign them stuff. Moreover, users can also create stories for social media.

The lifetime deal of BIGVU can be purchased for $69 only, and as the tool is available for mobiles, you can easily and quickly create videos anytime and anywhere.

3. Nichesss – Niches Creation Platform

AppSumo Nichesss
Image Source: AppSumo

Nichesss allows users to find profitable niches with targeted audiences with no more than a single push of a button.

Finding a niche is not enough to generate revenue; that’s why Nichesss also offers:

Business Ideas: After finding a suitable niche, Nichesss provides users with a variety of quality business ideas, which can be used to rank higher in SERP, make campaigns more successful, get more reach, and increase revenue.

Marketing Copy: Nichesss allows users to quickly and easily create various marketing copies, ready to be published on social media.

Email Subject Lines: Nichesss has a powerful AI, and that AI automatically creates quality subject lines related to the email’s content.

Custom Content: Nichesss includes a tool to generate custom content and helps users business to build authority online and increase the engagement of their business.

During the AppSumo Black Friday deal, you can make a lifetime purchase for Nichesss at only $59, while its actual price is $999.

4. SendFox – Email Marketing Tool

AppSumo SendFox
Image Source: AppSumo

Sandfox is an easy solution to create custom emails and turn customers into subscribers and increase traffic.

The tool offers various features and functions to increase engagement. Some of those features include:

Built-in Forms to Collect Emails: Users can create various forms inside their email to ask for peoples’ opinions, needs, and other matters.

Automated Welcome Email Series: SendFox allows users to create emails in bulk and create automated welcome email series for new subscribers.

Advanced Analytics: SendFox gives users complete analytics of all sent emails and their engagement and all the emails that are in draft.

All in all, SendFox is one of the best email marketing tools available in the market, and you can make a lifetime purchase of it at only $49 while its actual cost is $480.

5. Book Like A Boss – Bookings Management Tools

AppSumo Book Like A Boss
Image Source: AppSumo

We all are well aware of the saying, “Time is money,” this saying becomes much more notable when offering valuable services.

Book Like A Boss is an online platform that helps users quickly schedule meetings and online servings.

Book Like A Boss allows users to:

Create Optimized Booking Pages: The tool allows users to quickly and easily create a website-optimized booking page. Moreover, users can create an unlimited number of optimized pages, allowing them to market their services without breaking a sweat.

Client Communication & Automated Reminder: Book Like A Boss pushes notifications on both ends and also allows users to communicate directly with their clients without requiring the installation of any third-party software.

Secure Online Transactions: Book Like A Boss supports PayPal, Stripe, and Square to collect online payments without charging any tax.

Book Like A Boos is a versatile service management platform and can also be used to schedule and reschedule meetings with ease. During the AppSumo Black Friday deal, this tool is available for $125, while its actual cost is $228.

6. Hey Oliver – Marketing Automation Tool

AppSumo Hey Oliver
Image Source: AppSumo

Hey Oliver is one of the best tools for engaging visitors and converting leads with customized and automated campaigns. Moreover, one of the best deals runs on this app.

Hey Oliver offers various tools to help users rank above the competitors; some of those tools are:

Automated Marketing Campaigns: Hey Oliver uses powerful softwares to automate monotonous marketing work, meaning less effort and high results for you.

Customer Service: Good customer service is one of the key elements to making a business bloom, and Hey Oliver allows users to connect directly with their customers through live chat.

Complete Website Analytics: Hey Oliver automatically stores the count of website visitors, referrals, clicks, page views, downloads, and more.

Hey Oliver is an all-in-one marketing tool that can help you to create campaigns and monitor website analytics and is available for only $49 during Black Friday while its actual cost is $2,640.

7. Switchy – Engagement and Conversion Boosting Tool

AppSumo Switchy
Image Source: AppSumo

Switchy allows users to customize, shorten, and track links to boost engagement on various platforms, such as paid ads, social media, and more.

Switchy helps users to increase their traffic with the following:

Tracking: Switchy gives users a detailed view of where their links are coming from (countries, devices, browsers, and others). Moreover, it also gives users the ability to retarget, customize, and manage their links.

Advanced Options: Switchy includes over 30 advanced options for retargeting, and some of them are pixels, UTMs, tags, geo-redirect, and A/B testing.

Switchy helps users to skyrocket their conversion and use links as a legitimate marketing channel. During Black Friday, Switch is available for only $39, while its actual price goes up to $2,400.

8. Screpy – Site Monitoring Tool

AppSumo Screpy
Image Source: AppSumo

Screpy is an AI-powered SEO and analysis tool for all website owners and allows them to analyze and monitor their websites through one dashboard.

Screpy is an all-in-one solution for all website owners and allows them to:

Perform SEO Audits: Screpy allows users to run SEO audits and identify problems and errors that are preventing their site’s ranking.

Uptime Monitoring: A Site won’t be able to excel if the website’s uptime is poor; Screpy understands this problem well and allows users to monitor their uptime and also tells them ways to improve it.

Syntax Checker: Website errors can be a big issue, and to solve them, Screpy provides users with a Syntax checker which tells users about their site errors and how to fix them.

Screpy allows users to test their website’s speed and also gives a detailed guide on how they can improve their website speed and how they can remove errors. The tool is available for $49 during AppSumo Black Friday deal, while its actual price is $204.

9. LiveWebinar – Versatile Webinar Platform

AppSumo LiveWebinar
Image Source: AppSumo

LiveWebinar is an all-in-one platform for all webinar needs, as it offers tools for live and evergreen webinars without requiring users to install any other application. Users can host meetings under their domain name and can add their own personalized branding to increase the webinar’s quality.

LiveWebinar offers various features and functions to users and allows them to:

Broadcast to Social Media: LiveWebinar allows the host to take the webinar live on social media and engage with more people.

Moderate Chat: LiveWebinar offers users a chat function that they can use to deliver private messages during the webinar.

Screen Sharing and Whiteboards: Users can use screen sharing and whiteboards to expand and clarify their ideas.

LiveWebinar has a user-friendly interface and offers over 100 languages, and it does not require users to use any other app to host or enhance their meetings. The price of a live webinar during Black Friday is $99, while its actual lifetime cost is $710.

10. – Content Creation Tool

AppSumo Peppertype
Image Source: AppSumo uses powerful AI to help users quickly create content. The tool includes various tools for generating articles, allowing users to write the best articles suited to their niche within minutes.

The AI of is one of the strongest in the market and allows users to:

Generate Titles: generates various eye-catching titles for users based on their keywords and helps their articles to be more engaging.

Generate Into: A catchy intro is required to make the visitor read the whole article, and generates just that intro.

Generate Paragraph: quickly generates multiple paragraphs based on the keywords and allows users to select the one that suits them the best. is an AI-powered content creation tool and is one of the best in the market. The tool is available for $99 on AppSumo during Black Friday, while its actual cost is $300.

To Conclude

AppSumo sells various online products that you can use to increase your business. You can get those products at a cost lower than ever during Black Friday, which runs from 24th Nov to 29th Nov.

The products given above are some of the top sellers, and you can get your hands on them and can elevate your business to the next level during this AppSumo Black Friday deal. 

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