AppSumo Review 2023: Pros & Cons, Features and Pricing

In this AppSumo review, we will tell you about what is the motive of this platform, its pros and cons, and various other things that you should be aware of. Although the services of AppSumo are generally great, there are some pitfalls and other things to look out for.

What is AppSumo?

AppSumo Review
Image Source: Dealify

AppSumo is a website that offers lifetime deals on various softwares. Furthermore, it is the biggest platform that provides the best deals on softwares throughout the internet. Various top services products are available on AppSumo, and a heavy discount on them can also be seen. Moreover, its refund policy includes a 60-day money-back guarantee on all of its products and is one of the best in the market.

The majority of the softwares on AppSumo targets small-scale businesses. Most softwares available on AppSumo are:

  • SEO tools 
  • Images tools
  • Email marketing tools
  • Video tools
  • Content tools
  • Analytics tools

How Does Appsumo Work?

Distribution is one of AppSumo’s main strengths, and AppSumo helps businesses to generate a high number of sales quickly. AppSumo collabs with digital products and service sellers. Providers offer their services and products at a heavily discounted rate and facilitate the deals. The amount of sales generated from AppSumo makes the supplier’s massive discount acceptable.

AppSumo rapidly facilitates a large number of its deals by sending information regarding each of its deals to its vast online audience. AppSumo explains possible use cases, disclosure of deals, upcoming deals, and customer review of each listing.

The products available on AppSumo are for lifetime purchases, and from crafting copies to beta testing, the products become true collaborators for users in whatever they do.

AppSumo Plus

AppSumo Plus
Image Source: AppSumo

AppSumo Plus is a premium membership programme available for annual purchase and offers more flexibility to its users with its Plus plans.

By purchasing AppSumo’s plus plan, users will get the following:

  • 10% off on all AppSumo purchases.
  • Access to KingSumo Giveaway Pro membership.
  • Extended access to expired deals.
  • Invitations to exclusive digital events.
  •  A look at products before they hit the store.

Although users with Plus membership get a much higher discount on all products, the membership is non-refundable.

AppSumo Pros & Cons


Best Deals: The deals on products in AppSumo are the best in the market, and you can save thousands by purchasing products from AppSumo.

Generous 60-day Money-back Guarantee: All products on AppSumo follows a 60-day money-back guarantee, and users can ask for a refund for any reason or no reason at all within the time period.

Various Innovative Tools Make Their Debut in AppSumo: Various mighty products make their first release on AppSumo.

All Products Follow Lifetime Deals: All the products available on AppSumo support lifetime deals, meaning users won’t need to pay time-to-time.


Lack of Product Development: As various products make their debut on AppSumo, meaning their functionality might not be top-of-the-class; as a matter of fact, some products might not even work the same as described.

Most products launched on AppSumo include a roadmap and allow users to see what features will be added, but there is no guarantee that these features will ever get built.

Some Companies Don’t Honour Deals: Although this does not happen often, some products on AppSumo do not contain some of the features offered in the deal.

Why Do Companies List Their Products on AppSumo?

Some of you might be wondering why companies offer their products on AppSumo when they can charge for their services monthly and can have healthy recurring revenue.

AppSumo offers the potential to acquire a lot of customers and helps companies to generate high revenue in a very short period of time. To put it more simply, AppSumo is a marketing machine that provides companies with over 1 million registered users, a massive email list, 4,000 affiliates, etc. However, take note that the companies give a number of their products on AppSumo, and if they are sold out, then you will need to wait or buy them from the official site.

AppSumo Review: What’s the Catch

Although AppSumo sells digital products for lifetime purchases, there is a catch to it, and you should expect the following:

Stack Deals: Various apps on AppSumo are of early release and may require you to make additional purchases to use the programme to its fullest. Stocking deals on AppSumo is a way to unblock more powerful or unbranded versions for you to use.

Frequent Software Updates: Some products are often released on AppSumo right after completing their beta. Frequent software updates on these products are often and may annoy some users.

Poor Tutorials: The tutorials of some products are short, bad, or completely absent. This may highly impact your performance if you are not very tech-savvy.

No Roadmaps: A product without a roadmap is considered a complete red flag, as the company may go out of business. Look for an alternative product rather than purchasing one without a roadmap.

AppSumo Refund Policy

AppSumo offers a money-back guarantee of 60-day for all of its products and gives customers a complete refund within the time duration. Customers can claim their refund for any reason or no reason at all.

Furthermore, the refund policy of AppSumo is different from the actual service providers. In order to get the refund, you will need to visit the Deals Terms section of the product detail page on the website. However, take note that you cannot get a refund for digital downloads. For example, making an additional purchase for stock images may not be refundable. Look at the Deals Terms section of each listing to see if the product includes a money-back guarantee or not.

The refund policy is only limited to the products; for example, if you purchase AppSumo Plus, you won’t get a refund. Although a refund is not included in its Plus membership, you can cancel your membership at renewal, as it costs annually, meaning there will be no charges for the following year.

Best AppSumo Products

1. Ranktracker – SEO Monitor

AppSumo Ranktracker
Image Source: AppSumo

Ranktracker is a reliable and one of the best tools for monitoring a site’s SEO performance. Ranktracker automatically tracks keywords on a daily basis and supports an unlimited number of users and domains in a single plan.

Ranktracker also includes a SERP checker, Web Audit tool, backlink monitor, backlink checker, actionable SEO tasks, and various other tools to help users’ sites grow in Search Engine.

2. Book Like A Boss – Booking Management Tool

AppSumo Book Like A Boss
Image Source: AppSumo

Book Like A Boss follows the motto ‘Time is Money’ and helps users to save a lot of it with its offerings. The tool allows users to quickly schedule and reschedule meetings and online services with no more than just a few clicks.

Book Like A Boss offers powerful functions such as optimized booking pages, client communication, automatic reminder, and more to save users time and money.

3. SendFox – Email Marketing Tool

AppSumo SendFox
Image Source: AppSumo

SendFox offers users various email functionality and allows them to create custom emails to turn visitors into customers and increase engagement.

SendFox offers various functions and features, such as built-in forms to collect emails, an automated welcome email series, advanced analytics and more. SendFox is one of the best email marketing tools for small businesses and helps them to make their name in the ruthless market.

4. Switchy – Conversion and Engagement Bosting Tool

AppSumo Switchy
Image Source: AppSumo

Switchy is an easy-to-use and versatile tool for boosting conversion and engagement on multiple platforms, such as social media, paid ads, and more. Moreover, it is one of the few tools that allow users to use their links as a legitimate marketing platform.

Boosting conversion and engagement is no joke. However, Switchy includes advanced features such as UTMs, tags, geo-redirect, A/B testing, and various powerful tracking features to boost conversion and engagement.

5. LiveWebinar – All-in-One Webinar Platform

AppSumo LiveWebinar
Image Source: AppSumo

LiveWebinar is one of the best tools for live and evergreen webinars. Moreover, LiveWebinar allows users to host meetings under their domain name and to add their own personalized branding to increase the webinar’s quality.

Thanks to its variety of features and functions, LiveWebinar does not require the installation of any other applications. Moderate chat, whiteboards, and broadcasting to social media are some of its features.

6. – AI Content Generator

AppSumo Peppertype
Image Source: AppSumo uses powerful artificial intelligence to generate high-quality articles quickly. The tool’s AI is more than powerful enough to generate content for every niche within minutes. is one of the best content generator tools in the market and allows users to quickly and easily generate intros, paragraphs, titles, conclusions, and more.

7. Marble – Digital Academy Builder

AppSumo Marble
Image Source: AppSumo

Marble includes various tools to start an online course and digital academy with no more than just a few clicks. Furthermore, it allows users to link sources from other sources and share their courses through email and links.

Marble offers users with CNAME, whitelist, GDPR-compliant, and various other features to help users build their digital academy.

8. – Video Creating Suit

Image Source: AppSumo is an excellent solution for creating engaging and persuasive videos and offers users over 1000 predesigned templates.

Other than its huge variety of predesigned templates, Wave.Video also offers users a free thumbnail maker, a built-in stock library, and various tutorials and other features to help users create their desired videos for any platform.

9. 123RF – Stock Images Pack

AppSumo 123RF
Image Source: AppSumo

123RF is a renewed agency for stock images and holds its place high in the market. 123RF contains tens of millions of images, allowing users to find the best-suited licensed images for their business.

Moreover, 123RF also offers on-demand picture packs for photographers, making it a necessary tool for photographers.

10. LoopedIN – Feedback Management Tool

AppSumo LoopedIN
Image Source: AppSumo

LoopedIN is an easy-to-handle feedback management tool that allows users to collect comments and ideas from public forms and allows people to upvote their favourites. Moreover, it makes gathering inputs, communicating changes, and creating roadmaps a walk in the park. 

LoopedIN has a simple drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to quickly and easily create and customize feedback. Additionally, it includes various features such as workflow management, activity/news feeds, collaboration tools, and various others to make the feedback more eye-catching.

To Conclude

In conclusion, the lifetime deals on the AppSumo market. Take note that there is also no denying that AppSumo products can give a huge boost to a company or may do nothing.

The products on AppSumo follow a recurring money-back guarantee of 60 days, allowing users to thoroughly test the product and decide whether it is up to their needs or not. Moreover, the AppSumo pricing on its Plus plans is also reasonable and offers various additional features to help users.

All in all, AppSumo offers the best deals in the market that can be used to grow businesses quickly.

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