Surprising Benefits of Sweating: From Health to Weight Loss!

Sweaty hands, underarms, face, feet, the entire body & the list gets longer. Majority of the people find sweating embarrassing or gross. 

But did you know that sweating actually is good? In what context, you ask? Well, the benefits of sweating are connected to many spheres like sweating and weight loss, sweating and health, sweating and fat burn & so on. 

There are endless mind-blowing benefits of having active sweat glands people are not aware of. Therefore, like it or hate it, sweating is your friend in a true sense. Excessive sweating at the wrong times might be a battle, but overall the effects of sweating are counted to be something positive and not embarrassing or gross. 

Before moving on, here are…

6 Quick Facts on Sweating

  1. Sweating while you exercise produces endorphins that work as a natural painkiller.
  1. Sweating brings in a sense of relaxation and warmth that controls mood swings.
  1. When you sweat, your body temperature remains under control, not allowing your body to overheat. 
  1. For your skin and hair, sweating is surprisingly good. 
  1. Sweating helps you get rid of zits by opening your pores, releasing the gunk and grime that accumulates in them. 
  1. Sweating also keeps you safe from cold & other infections. How? It contains dermcidin, a kind of antimicrobial peptide that fights infections and germs. 

Is Sweating Really Helpful In Detox and Weight Loss

Do you also often wonder whether sweating really aids in detox and weight loss? Well, these common questions have a complicated answer. 

Sweating While Working Out

Every body is different and behaves differently. Some people can gym for hours and look fresh like they have walked out of the house. There’s another group of people who look like they have bathed in sweat after their workout session. Now, the ones who didn’t sweat didn’t lose calories? It’s not true. One should be worried about not sweating when engaged in physical activities? No! 

Why? Sweating, while you perform any type of physical activity, regulates your body temperature. That’s it? Yes. 

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Benefits of Sweating for Weight Loss

Here’s the eye-opener in case you think that more sweating while working out means more weight loss. 

It’s true that you do end up losing some weight if you sweat, but that’s just water weight that comes out in the form of sweat. Is that fat coming out too? A big no! As said earlier, sweating regulates body temperature & it’s nothing beyond that. When you drink water post-workout, you get the ‘sweat lost weight’ back. Therefore, if you are one of those who wears warm clothes while working out to sweat more and lose more, stop right now. 

Losing weight is one simple math, which is to burn more calories than you consume. Exercise is the best way to do that that leads to weight loss and not sweating. 

Therefore, if weight loss is your goal, simply focus on burning calories by increasing your duration of workouts. 

Sweating in a Sauna

There’s a group of people who believe that sweating it out in a hot sauna will save them from getting sick and will also aid in weight loss. Well, that’s not the truth. During the sauna session, the aim is to open your skin’s pores to make you sweat through heat. 

People also believe that sweating in the saunas helps them get rid of the toxins in their body. That’s not true either. Liver and kidneys in the body are responsible for releasing toxins. 

Therefore, your sauna sessions clean out pores and that’s pretty much it. 

Sweating In Hot Yoga

The myth must be busted that involving in ‘hot’ workouts aids in burning calories, more calories in fact. No, it doesn’t. The benefits of hot yoga are limited to the heat loosening up your muscles, providing flexibility, etc. If you do ‘hot’ yoga to lose more weight than you would normally, stop! 

After talking about sweating for weight loss & how it’s not effective, let’s get a little into the benefits of sweating too. 

How to Get the Most From Sweating

One popular spell to get the most from sweating is exercise on a regular basis. It’s the time you sweat the most with other benefits attached around sweating. 

Example: Exercising provides you relief from stress & anxiety. So if you are nervous and you sweat, it is actually good to throw away anxious feelings that’s making you sweat embarrassedly. Yes, regular exercise helps you get rid of sweaty hands when you are nervous. 

In the warm weather, some time outside in the sun and sweating is a good practice. Do not confuse it with being outside and performing heavy activities only to sweat unnecessarily. Don’t go off limits.

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Surprising Positive Effects of Sweating On Our Health & Body

Everyone is aware of the gross and stinky part of the sweat, but it’s time you explore less-knows benefits of sweating. 

Sweating Everyday

The most fundamental reason behind why we sweat is because it regulates our body temperature. It’s very important because it safeguards our body from heat stroke that could be fatal. If your body’s temperature is normal, it also means that all your internal organs will function properly. Therefore, sweating is our body’s mechanism to fight increased temperature. 

Sweating While Exercising

When you are engaged in heavy physical activity, your heart rate increases and your body heats up. It results in sweating that evaporates, leaving your body cool. Benefits of sweating here is just this. Your body doesn’t overheat and you don’t pass out. Therefore, sweating while exercising is good but do sweating burn fat? No. 

Sweating When Sick

When you have a fever especially, sweating is absolutely OKAY and good. Why? The sweat regulates the body’s temperature, which can bring the increased temperature back to normal. 

This mechanism doesn’t mean that you can substitute medicines with sauna to sweat it out and come back to normal. Sweat only helps in a faster healing and it’s not the solution. Behave responsibly. 

Sweating For Skin

Sweating for your skin is actually good. Yes, you heard it right. Sweating opens your pores and removes gunk resting under your skin. These gunks are responsible for pimples that sweating shoo away without you even realizing it. So, sweating is a totally natural way to cleanse your pores that further keeps your skin from getting clogged, blemished, rashes, irritation, and a lot more. 

Sweating For Hair

As skin, sweating unclogs the hair follicles that further leads to new hair growth. Furthermore, the scalp’s pores also open up to release buildup that could be hampering your hair growth. 

Please note that sweating does open your hair follicles for good, but salty sweat build up on the scalp can do bad too. Why? Salty salt has lactic acid that doesn’t go really well with the keratin present in your hair. 

So as much as sweating is important for your hair, keeping your hair washed and clean is equally important.  

Words to Remember From Stay Strong and Fit

There could be endless benefits of sweating, but weight loss is not one of them. When you sweat, you sweat out water that leads to temporary weight loss of a few pounds. Some horse jockeys use this as a famous technique who needs to fit in a certain age bar to compete. 

However, it leads you nowhere towards your goals to be precise & it’s not a healthy way to shed some kilos off your body. Throw the misconception out that if you sweat you are losing weight. 

Weight loss is a slow and gradual process. Be consistent with your healthy diet & workout routine.

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