Best Diet Foods to Loose Weight – Eat This, Not That!

Why are all those tempting food items not on the list of diet foods that aid in weight loss? Maybe in your dreams. 

The best diet foods to loose weight in the world come to one simple math. You burn more calories than you eat. Sounds simple, right? 

There is a list of food items that are particularly popular to help you lose weight. How? They make you full and curb your cravings. That way, you consume less without adding those kilos to your weight. Some items kick your metabolism up that don’t allow fat to accumulate in your body. 

It doesn’t end here. Losing weight is not particularly limited to calorie counts. It’s more than that. It’s also about feeding your body with healthy food items that’s also an effective weight loss strategy that stays. 

So, get ready with your list and head directly to the supermarket to stock up on essentials that would make you achieve your goals. Before that, allow us to feed you more on weight loss and food-related to it. 

Role Of Multiple Foods In Weight Loss 

What do you think is weight loss or weight control? It is a hormonal response to food that you feed your body. Hormones send our brains some signals that affect our hunger, cravings that eventually impact our body weight. 

Here is how these food items affect our hunger hormone levels: 

1. Protein

Protein, in comparison to other nutrients, takes more energy to digest & increases lean muscle mass that boosts metabolism. 

Furthermore, consuming protein keeps you fuller for longer along with reducing hormone ghrelin’s post-meal secretions that makes you eat less calories that fulfills your goal of ‘loose weight by diet.’

2. Dietary Fiber

It slows down the process of digestion that raises glucose level in the blood. It also ensures that there’s a slower release of insulin that’s a fat-storage hormone. 

Dietary fiber travels through the digestive system while releasing multiple satiety hormones like ghrelin that sends signals to the brain to regulate cravings, hunger & food intake. You stay full, don’t overeat & do not snack on unhealthy foods. As a result, a reduction in your overall calorie intake. 

Fiber is also responsible for keeping a check on your gut health.

3. Ultra-Processed Foods

As these foods are very low in fiber like candy bars, pastries, potato chips, etc., they are super easy to digest. Therefore, eating them raises glucose levels in the blood that triggers insulin’s release. Because insulin clears glucose from your bloodstream quickly, the calories are sent to the fat cells. 

Therefore, eating ultra-processed foods means continuous addition to these fat cells that’s hard to shed. Now let’s come to your question: What should I eat to lose weight

Sustainable and Safe Weight Loss With Best Foods to Loose Weight

Cutting down on calories is OKAY, but it’s not necessary and advisable all the time to lose weight. The most ideal way to lose weight is to eat whole, unprocessed & high-quality foods. Why? These foods check your hunger, boost your metabolism & promote fat burning. 

Do whatever in your power to avoid fried food, refined sugars & processed foods as much as possible. Cut down your portions, include fruits and vegetables, and eat a balanced diet that includes carbs, protein, fiber, and fluid. 

Here’s a list of 15 diet foods to lose weight that aid in weight loss, as per the experts. Your weight loss diet can include: 

1. Lean Protein

This list of food items includes chicken, turkey, legumes, lentils, beans, etc., with a good level of satiety, the best diet to loose weight that keeps you full and satisfied for a longer time. Also, some of the items are high in fiber, which keeps your digestive process healthy.  

2. Eggs

Eggs are considered a superfood that provides your body with almost all the essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Not only an amazing source of protein but eggs can also be converted into endless dishes that fit into everybody’s taste buds. 

3. Vegetables

Vegetables can become your health panacea that aids in weight loss in the most sustainable way. For example: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts & Cabbage are all cruciferous vegetables high in fiber and vitamins. They help in reducing digestive problems. 

Dark green veggies, on the other hand, are high in protein loaded with vitamins, minerals & fiber that’s the best diet to loose weight. 

The group of crunchy vegetables like celery and jicama are extremely low in calories that can become a good munching option. 

4. Avocados

This underrated food option gets a mixed review. 

High in fiber and healthy fat, Avocados are a great option if you are willing to cut down on your food portion. Though it also contains fat, it’s dense in calories. Be mindful of when and how much you eat Avocados. 

5. Apples

A great source of fiber and antioxidants, Apples also have anti-inflammatory properties along with phytochemicals & Vitamin C. Rightly said, An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away. 

6. Berries

Berries are loaded with fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants. All these nutrients are required by the body if you’re trying to lose weight. It makes a great addition to your weight loss diet

7. Nuts & Seeds

Both these weight-loss friendly items have multiple and also different benefits. Nuts are a great source of protein, fiber & healthy fat that reduce hunger. 

Seeds provide the body with minerals and healthy fat that are also responsible for watching your meal portions. 

8. Salmon

Salmon is loaded with protein & omega-3 fatty acids that are a must for weight loss. 

Omega-3 fatty acids must be consumed by overweight or obese people because it makes them feel full.   

9. Shrimp

Again, shrimp makes you fuller and there’s an increased feeling of satiety that reduces your appetite. Why? It stimulates cholecystokinin’ production in the body. It’s a hormone that signals your stomach that it’s full. 

Shrimp also contains zinc and selenium that are known to increase energy and boost your immune system. 

10. Lupini Beans

Rich in prebiotic fiber, Lupini Beans feed good bacteria in your gut. When the beneficial bacteria in the gut are fed properly, they multiply. A well-populated bacteria in your gut keeps it healthy & more responsive to insulin that cuts the fat storage around your waist. 

11. Bananas (Unripe)

They are loaded with one of the world’s richest sources of prebiotic-resistant starch that makes the cells more responsive to insulin. Its regular consumption along with a good diet and lifestyle cuts down the fat around the waistline very easily. 

A combination of unripe bananas and protein keeps you fuller for a prolonged period. 

12. Raw Oats

Oats is a one of the very popular foods to loose weight because it contains resistant starch that resists digestion. During digestion, the resistant starch releases byproducts. These byproducts make the body cells more responsive to insulin that cuts the fat around your midsection. 

13. Chia Seeds

One of the superfoods for weight loss, chia seeds controls your weight in two ways. 

First, a rich source of fiber, the level of satiety is higher. You feel full that don’t allow you to overeat. 

Second, chia seeds expand when soaked in water. Therefore, when you eat them raw and unsoaked, they expand and take up more space in your tummy. Therefore, it works like a natural appetite suppressant. 

14. Legumes

Loaded with good fiber, Legumes are widely known to improve gut health and keep you full. 

15. Water

You can loose weight by diet, but it should be a mix of other things too. 

Though not counted as a food item, we all know how important water is in one’s weight loss journey. Our body needs water to function in a balanced way that improves everything that happens inside our bodies. Therefore, stay hydrated. 

If you are confused around what foods to eat to lose weight, load your shopping cart with these items if your goal is to lose some extra kilos. We hope you will get the best results with our best diet foods to loose weight. Also, consistency is the key. Don’t give up! 

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