17 Diet Tips for Permanent & Effective Weight Loss Backed By Science

Are you on your journey to a healthy and fit you? What’s the one thing you would want to sort first? It has to be your diet plans on track, right? We bet before consulting a health expert, you will give the internet a chance. 

The internet is flooded with incorrect weight loss information or diet plans to loose weight fast that traps many fitness enthusiasts. Most of the things that are available online are general and questionable, not backed by scientific evidence. 

Here in this article, you will learn about 17 natural and easy weight loss tips with diet plans that actually work. 

#1: Your Plate Must Always Have Protein

One of the popular diet tips for weight loss that you must have heard is that protein is the king of nutrients where weight loss comes into play. 

During the process of digestion, the body burns calories & metabolizes the protein we eat. Therefore, if we have a diet that’s rich in protein, it’s capable of boosting our metabolism by approximately 100 calories a day. 

Also, a diet loaded with proteins can make you feel full early and eventually reduce your appetite. 

People on a high-protein diet eat around 400 calories less per day than people who don’t. 

And last, it’s not complicated at all. Even a simple egg breakfast is a power-packed meal. 

#2: Say No To Processed Food

Eating processed foods means eating unwanted fats, calories & sugar. 

Also, they are engineered in such a way that makes you eat more willingly. You might get yourself into addictive-like eating that adds to all those unwanted kilos. 

#3: Eat Whole Foods

One of the smart diet plans to loose weight is to eat whole, single-ingredient foods. Why? This adoption cuts your sugar, fats & processed food intake to a greater extent. It’s very filling too. 

#4: Keep a Stock Of Healthy Snacks and Foods

Many studies have revealed that your food culture at home has a great impact on your health, weight & eating behavior. 

Along with the diet plans to loose weight, stock up on healthy munchies to eventually develop a behavior of eating healthy that would stay with you for the long run. The list can include nuts, fruits, protein bars, sugar-free baked cookies, eggs, yogurt, etc. And munching on unhealthy snacks affects your health negatively. 

#5: Limit Your Sugar Intake As Much As Possible

Sugar, if eaten more than required, is directly linked to diseases like heart issues, diabetes, and even cancer other than adding to your weight. 

We know it’s impossible to bring your sugar intake down to zero, but you can at least try to avoid it as much as possible. 

#6: Eat Slowly

Those who eat fast are at a higher risk of obesity than those who eat slow. Why? When you eat fast, you are likely to consume more calories because your brain takes time to understand that you are full. Therefore, develop a habit of slow eating without any interruptions. 

#7: Intermittent Fasting

Many of you must not be aware of what actually this fasting is? Intermittent fasting is an eating cycle pattern that revolves around eating & fasting. How is it beneficial for effective weight loss? 

This fasting method cuts down on your calorie intake without forcing you to cut down on it during your meals. You happily do it during the time you are fasting. This eating method has multiple benefits & it’s great for weight loss. 

There are 5 very popular IF types

    • 5-2: You eat for 5 days in a week & fast for 2 days. 
    • Alternate Day Fasting: Like the name suggests, you fast every alternate day. 
  • The Warrior Diet: You eat raw fruits & veggies during the day time and one full meal at night. 
  • Eat-Stop-Eat: You fast for a day in a week.
  • Time-Restricted Eating & Fasting: You decide a bracket of eating and fasting and stick to it. The most popular bracket is 16:8. You eat for 8 hours and you fast for 16 hours. For beginners, the 15:9 or 14:10 bracket also works.

#8: Eat More Fruits and Vegetables 

The best weight loss supporting food, eat fruits and vegetables in a decent amount throughout the day. Including these in your diet plans to loose weight fast show excellent results. 

They are high in water, nutrients & fiber with a low energy density. You can freely eat large servings & there’s no fear of eating extra calories.   

Some studies have also found that people with fruit and vegetable-rich diets find it super-duper easy to maintain their weight as per their goals. 

#9: Always Include Fiber In Your Diet

Fiber is a super-food that aids in a healthy weight loss process. 

Food items containing water-soluble fiber are particularly helpful because they decrease the appetite. You eat less. 

Also, there are multiple fibers that feed the good gut bacteria linked with reduced obesity risk. 

Tip: Increase the fiber intake slowly to avoid abdominal discomfort, bloating, cramps, etc. 

#10: Drink Water

One of the best diet tips for weight loss goes without saying. Drink water, keep yourself hydrated, and it balances your weight as claimed by multiple researchers. 

0.5 liters of water can help you burn 20-30% more calories an hour post you drink this amount of water. 

Have a habit of drinking water before meals because it reduces your calorie intake. 

#11: Unsweetened Green Tea

You can’t underestimate the power of green tea loaded with antioxidants. The taste might disgust you in the beginning, but a good habit goes a long way. 

Green tea has multiple weight benefits like weight loss and fat burn. 

You can try Matcha green tea which has some powerful benefits in comparison to regular green tea. 

#12: Mindful Eating

What’s mindful eating? It’s a method that’s used to increase eating awareness like food choices, hunger, and being full. Your response to these feelings is better when you develop mindful eating. This practice has a very positive effect on your weight, health, stress, and eating patterns. As a result, weight loss follows naturally. 

#13: Whey Protein

Though there are endless food options out there to get your protein, some might need an extra protein dose where whey protein comes to your rescue. It’s an effective natural supplement that boosts your protein intake. 

A study revealed that if you replace your calories with whey protein, it leads to a significant weight loss. Not only this, but this substitution also increases your lean muscle mass. 

Always check the ingredients list before buying any whey protein because there could be added sugars or other additives you should be watchful of.

#14: Fight Your Cravings & Food Addictions

What do you think is food addiction? It’s a feeling of overpowering craving that you can’t resist for your favorite food. It’s one of the major overeating challenges that many people face. Taming this addiction is one major step towards healthy eating that eventually leads to weight control as per your goals.  

#15: Try To Eat Spicy Food

You must have often heard that you should avoid eating spicy food. Well, if you know the right way and the right amount, it’s actually good for your health and weight loss. Why? Spicy foods like chili peppers and jalapenos contain capsaicin that aids in fat burn and boosts metabolism.  

#16: Make Eggs A Regular Part Of Your Diet

Cheap, low in calories & rich in protein, eggs are considered a superfood for weight loss. 

Foods loaded with protein increase satiety and keep you full that limits your calorie intake automatically. So what better than eggs? 

Also, eating eggs for breakfast regularly multiplies the weight loss process by 65%. 

#17: Low-Carb Diet

For permanent weight loss, a low-carb diet is an evergreen suggestion if you can manage to maintain it. 

When you limit carbs and have more protein and healthy fats, your appetite reduces and eventually your calorie intake. It boosts your weight loss process by 3 times.

Last but not least is patience. Don’t rush on your weight loss regime with tough diet plans. Follow a routine keeping in mind the above points and you will have a sustained, gradual, or maybe permanent weight loss with no fear of putting any weight back.

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