Linode Reviews 2022: Web Hosting Details, Pricing, & Features

Thanks to Linode’s excellent API and smart control panel, it has become one of the best cloud-based hosting providers in the market. Moreover, Linode also uses high-performance SSD Linux-based servers with various cloud computing services. Although these are the main reasons for all the positive Linode reviews, it offers more than meets the eye.

Linode is a cloud-based hosting provider and is designed with a developer in mind, meaning beginners may stress some users in various areas. Although the hostings of Linode are some of the best for those who know how to solve hows, it follows ambitious pricing.

Making a commitment to it without knowing whether it can help you or not is not a wise call. To make sure whether the Linode hostings are for you or not, we will provide you with detailed Linode reviews.

To start the Linode reviews, let’s first take a look at its pros and cons.

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Follows “State of the art” hardware
  • Worldwide data centers
  • Reasonable Cloud product pricing
  • Extensive range of servers
  • Powerful performance
  • Free website migration

  • No free backups
  • Not for beginners
  • No domain registration service
  • Only 7-day money-back guarantee

Linode Web Hosting: Plans and Pricing

Linode Pricing
Image Source: Linode

Although Linode pricing is competitive, it includes various plans for Dedicated CPU, Shared CPU, GPU, and various others. Moreover, Linode also offers plans for additional storage, database, and other services. Linode uses high-performance servers from its most standard plans, and as the plans go higher, offerings such as storage, core, SSD, and others are highly increased.

The Linode’s Dedicated and Shared CPU plans are optimized for memory-intensive applications. Moreover, in the GPU plans, Linode allows users to choose between a fully-managed Kubernetes cluster or a bare-metal solution that is combined with non-virtualized hardware, which ensures the complete flexibility of the virtual machine.

Linode also offers hourly billing options, which means that the user will only be paying for the resources they use. The starter Linode’s Shared CPU plan starts at $5.00 per month ($0.0075 per hour). From the starting plans, Linode offers 1GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 1 TB transfer, 25GB SSD storage, 40GB Network In traffic, and 1GB Network Out traffic. As expected, the offerings highly increase as the plans go higher.

Additionally, Linode also uses VPS (Virtual Private Servers); with VPS, Linode allows users to customize the server according to their needs. Although the Linode VPS reviews are some of the best in the market, the plans are best suited for experienced users as they would know how to configure them without affecting their performance.

The plans of Linode are some of the best in the market and include advanced features and tools, but they are only recommended for tech-savvy users, as beginners may not be able to understand the features and may not be able to use the features to their full potential.

Although Linode offers a money-back guarantee, it is only for 7 days. A 7-day money-back guarantee is not enough to completely test the features, but it is enough to be sure whether to make a commitment to the platform or not.

Linode Reviews: Security

Linode Security
Image Source: Linode

Linode follows a shared security responsibility and controls the physical host up to the hypervisor, and offers a high level of environmental and physical security with its compute and storage offerings. Moreover, Linode’s installed applications are coded for secure information and are patched by HIPPA, PCI-DSS, and GDPR.

Furthermore, Linode constantly scans networks and supporting systems to ensure users that they are configured correctly and up-to-date with patches. Linode has also partnered with HackerOne to operate bug bounties and operation programs. Thanks to this collaboration, Linode automatically performs research to find vulnerabilities in the applications. Additionally, Linode follows various steps to increase security and protects infrastructure by:

  • Scanning the host regularly to find vulnerabilities.
  • Performing penetration tests on a daily basis.
  • Testing applications that are used regularly to start and configure the host.

Additionally, Linode includes various robust security features, such as

1. Rancher: This tool allows users to centralize Kubernetes management and work with multiple clusters of different clouds.

2. Terraform Kubernetes Installer: The tool allows to create Kubernetes clusters as it takes advantage of Linode’s regional private network.

3. Terraform Provider: It offers various management features to the user and follows the “infrastructure-as-code” method; it is the process of managing and provisioning computer data centers using machines as opposed to actual hardware configuration.

4. Pulumi: This tool allows users to manage Linode’s resources by using general programming like GO, Python, Javascript, and more.

5. Kubernetes Add-Ons: This tool makes use of automatic Linode NodeBalancer to provision services and report status. This add-on is also useful for rescheduling resources.

Linode has an array of robust features, and all of them work throughout the clock. Moreover, the security of Linode’s servers is also some of the best in the market. Linode also offers an array of additional features that can be used to further increase security and performance.

Linode Reviews: Ease of use

Linode is a cloud solution hosting provider, and all of its services are built with a developer in mind. Cloud hosting often requires the users to be a bit tech savvy; compared to other hostings, such as Shared Web Hosting, Cloud hosting is a bit difficult to use.

However, when compared with other Cloud hosting providers, Linode’s hostings are a bit easier to use. Furthermore, Linode offers an easy-to-navigate dashboard and also provides StackScript, which allows customized templates.

Although the Linode manager is a one-stop solution for managing, boosting, deploying, and cloning all Cloud server aspects, it is not the most user-friendly. Additionally, Linode also offers various helpful resources, such as FAQs, articles, etc., that can be used as a guide throughout Linode.

A developer’s knowledge is required to use the platform to its best. Although beginners can also make use of Linode services with its helpful resources, they may not be able to dive deep into the platform’s offerings.

Linode Reviews: Speed and Performance

Linode is one of the best hosting providers in the world, and as expected, its speed is also among one the fastest. Linode offers nothing less than lightning-fast speed and paints the complete content of the website in less than one second. Furthermore, all the virtual servers of Linode have excellent speed and performance. 

Linode also guarantees an SLA-backed uptime of 99.99% on all its hardware and network security. Moreover, Linode also guarantees a pro-rated refund if the downtime of the site is more than 0.01%. No matter what niche of site it may be, Linode will keep it up and running at all times.

Linode Reviews: Customer Support

Linode Support
Image Source: Linode Support

Linode offers 24/7 live chat support for free, and the support can also be used before signing up with them. From the most basic plans, Linode offers ticketing, email, phone call, and IRC chat support.

The customer support of Linode is available around the clock. Although the email and phone call support of Linode takes less than an hour to connect, a bit of special treatment is given to the more advanced plan users.

Additionally, Linode also offers various helpful resources such as FAQs, articles, and others at the user’s disposal. The additional resources are also more than capable enough of solving most of the customer’s queries quickly.

Linode’s customer support is reliable and responsive, and no matter what the clock says, its customer support can be used to solve any queries regarding its services. The articles, FAQs, and other resources available in Linode can also be used as a guide to build, grow, and maintain websites of any niche.


1. How many servers are in Linode?

Linode includes over 1000 servers and offers a wide variety of cloud services, including Softlayer, DigitalOcean, Rackspace, and more. Moreover, all the servers of Linode follow server-side encryption, and free DDoS encryption is included with all the virtual machines.

2. Can I host a website on Linode?

Yes, you can host a website on Linode. The hosting process varies greatly depending on what type of website is hosted. Linode allows hosting websites from a single HTML to an interactive application with multiple uses.

3. Does Linode offer hourly billing?

Yes, Linode offers hourly billing. The hourly billing is rendered up to its monthly cap. The monthly cap is the fee shown on Linode’s pricing page. If you used Linode for the full month, you would be charged the monthly limit for that service.

To Conclude

Linode is one of the best and most advanced Cloud-based hosting providers and has excellent API with a smart control panel. Moreover, the dashboard of Linode is also advanced and easy to navigate.

Linode also offers services such as Kubernetes, NodeBalancer, Storage, and more. Furthermore, Linode has a reliable customer support and excellent uptime that hardly ever goes down than 99.99%. Although Linode offers high-performance services and is a one-stop solution for tech-savvy developers, it is not a hosting platform that is suited for beginners.

To conclude this Linode review, it is one of the best Cloud hosting providers. All of the features and functions of Linode stand up to its pricing, and the provider also offers an hourly billing method, and a 7-day money-back guarantee is included with all of Linode’s services. It is the best platform for developers who knows their way around Cloud hosting but is not the best choice for beginners.

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