Nordpass Review: is It The Best Password Manager?

We sign up our accounts here and there every now and then, and remembering all the passwords can be a bit of trouble. However, Nord has the perfect solution for it and offers an advanced Nord password manager, NordPass. The NordPass is a constantly evolving password manager and is often ranked among the best password managers in the market.

Achieving the title of one of the best password managers is no easy feat. To live up to that title, NordPass includes a data breach scanner, web vault, and more. The tool offers both free and premium versions. To know whether the NordPass password manager is for you or not, we will give you a detailed NordPass review.

To start the NordPass review, let’s first take a look at its pros and cons.

  • Security and privacy-first service
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Includes password-sharing options
  • Cutting edge encryption
  • Data breach scanner
  • Individual security audits
  • Strong free version
  • Live chat support

  • Auto password fill only works with passwords, credit cards, and secure notes.
  • No simultaneous connection on the free plan

NordPass Pricing

NordPass Pricing
Image Source: Nordpass

NordPass offers both a free and a premium version. Moreover, the pricing of NordPass divides into two categories “Business” and “Personal & Family.” Similar to other password managers, NordPass also offers different plan durations, which are monthly, annually, and on a two-year basis.

Business Plan

  • Business: $2.56/mo

Personal & Family Plan

  • Premium: $1.69/mo
  • Family: $2.79/mo

Unlike other providers in the market, NordPass comes at a reasonable price and also offers a money-back guarantee of 30-days. However, take note that the free version of NordPass is only available on the Personal & Family plan.

NordPass Security

NordPass Security
Image Source: Nordvpn

The security and privacy policies of NordPass are paramount as both the free and premium version of NordPass uses the xChaCha20 encryption to prevent any leaks and have a zero-logging policy. Moreover, the tool is synchronized with the user’s device, allowing them to easily manage their password. The tool can also decrypt any time the user wants.

The tool is packed to the core with strong and advanced security features, such as:

Master Password: To start with NordPass, the user will need to first put in a strong password which will be encrypted and will be inaccessible even to the service staff. Only the one who set the password will be aware of it. The password can be used to remove account details.

Multi-factor authentication: NordPass supports multi-factor authentication for maximum protection. Moreover, U2F security keys, an OTP generator, a USB stick, and other features are also included in it.

Automatic back-ups: First, NordPass encrypts the user’s data, then makes automated backups and uploads them to cloud storage. This ensures that even if the user loses their mobile or computer, their data will remain secure.

Biometric authentication: NordPass allows users to set fingerprint and face IDs on compatible devices. With biometric authentication, NordPass makes it almost impossible for anyone other than the user to access the tool.

Independent audits: NordPass includes various security features and allows users to audit them individually. The audit process examines tests: security, privacy, process integrity, availability, and confidentiality.

NordPass Features

NordPass Features
Image Source: PcMag

NordPass includes all the features essential for a password manager. Additionally, it also includes various advanced features for a better user experience.

Password Generator: The NordPass password generator allows users to choose numbers, symbols, upper-case and lower-case letters, and how long the password should be. Furthermore, the password is memorized by the tool, meaning the user won’t need to go out of their way to take note of the password.

Password health checker: The premium version of NordPass includes a password health checker that allows users to scan all their passwords and check whether it is weak or strong. Additionally, this feature also tells whether the password is reused multiple times on different accounts and whether the password has been changed over 90 days or not.

Emergency Access: The tool offers emergency access to its premium users. The feature allows users to give read-only access to the passwords of their closest contacts. The emergency access acts as a last resort method in case the user forgets or loses their master password.

Auto-saving and auto-filling: By granting NordPass permission, it automatically saves the password and automatically fills in the information when logging in.

Simultaneous connections: The family plan of NordPass allows users to connect up to 6 devices with a single account and allows each connected device to save its passwords separately. While its free plan, on the other hand, does not allow for simultaneous connections.

Credit card information storage: NordPass includes neat credit card storage features, which securely store card information. For instance, if the user is shopping online, they can fill in their card details with no more than just a single click.

Unlimited password storage: From its free version, NordPass does not restrict its users with any limited storage; users can save as many passwords as they want in the tool without any issues.

Free and Premium Nord Password Manager Review

NordPass provides both free and paid password managers. The free plan of NordPass is one of the best get-to-go password managers and is best suited for those who want a simple password manager. For a better understanding, let’s take a close look at how the premium option is the superior one.

The features offered in the NordPass free plan are:

  • Unlimited passwords
  • Autofill and autosave
  • Import and export of passwords
  • Safe notes
  • Save card information
  • Forms for personal information
  • Password generator
  • Auto-sync
  • Multi-factor authentication

Although the ‘Premium’ plan does not offer any simultaneous connection, it shines brighter than the free version with its features. In addition to all the features of the free plan, the ‘Premium’ plan also offers users.

  • Emergency access
  • Sharing items
  • Identification of old, weak, and reused passwords
  • Data leak scanner
  • Trusted contacts

The Premium plan is more than just a secure vault for password storage; it actively seeks to strengthen the user data security, protect the data from hackers, and scan the internet for any data leads. This added security is more than enough to sway toward a paid subscription.

NordPass Review: Device Compatibility

The NordPass is compatible with all major devices, including Windows, macOS, android, iOS, and Linux. Furthermore, NordPass also offers a browser Chrome, Safari, Brave, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.

For a better understanding, let’s take a look at how NordPass works with desktop, mobile, and browser extensions.

NordPass Desktop App

NordPass provides desktop application support for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The app’s functionality is heavily influenced by the subscription plan you choose. This means that the app’s full functionality will be available only through paid subscription plans.

The application interface is user-friendly and is also easy to navigate. However, as most desktop devices do not support biometric authentication, the user will need to go with the Master password.

NordPass Mobile App

The NordPass mobile version is as easy to use as the desktop version. Moreover, the application is similar for both iOS and Android devices. Almost every mobile has biometric support, which can be used to log in with NordPass.

Moreover, NordPass is one of the few password managers that offers mobile users an array of advanced features such as card information, emergency access, password generator, and more.

NordPass Browser Extension

The NordPass extension is available for Chrome, Safari, Brave, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. The NordPass extension includes all the features of the desktop client.

Moreover, the browser extension is also user-friendly, and the features can also be easily customized. However, take note that the NordPass browser extension cannot be used anywhere outside the browser.

NordPass Reviews: Customer Support

Similar to other top password managers, NordPass also offers 24/7 live chat customer support. Although its live chat support is responsive and reliable, one of the measures that make it above the competitors is its wide library of how to solve hows.

The customer support of NordPass is one of the best in the market, and thanks to its helpful resources, users can easily solve any of their queries within minutes.


Does NordPass Come For Free With NordVPN?

Yes, if the user chooses to purchase the NordVPN Plus plan bundle, a password manager with all the premium features is included, and you can get NordPass for free with it.

Can I Use NordPass on Android?

Yes, you can use NordPass on your Android device. It has user-friendly mobile apps with a lot of features and tools like a password generator, a data breach scanner, and password health. Furthermore, the tool can also be installed on iOS devices.

Is NordPass Free Version Good?

Yes, the free version of NordPass is good, and as a matter of fact, it is one of the best free password managers in the market. The free version includes unlimited passwords, secure notes, credit card information, and various other features that are offered by very few tools. However, take note that the free version of NordPass does not support account sync.

To Conclude

NordPass includes various robust security features at affordable pricing, but what allows it to top the competitors is its ease of use and user-friendly interface. Nordpass is easy to get used to and reliable to be trusted with your information.

Furthermore, NordPass is available for all major devices and is also recommended for beginners. Moreover, a generous money-back guarantee is included with its premium version, allowing users to completely test the tool before making a commitment.

To conclude this NordPass review, it is a reliable tool to be trusted with your information and is available at a reasonable cost. Moreover, the free tool of NordPass also includes reliable features and is one of the best get-to-go password managers.

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