Wix Pricing Plans 2022 – Which Plan Is Right For Your Website?

Wix is a popular website builder. It is also one of the few platforms that let users create sites for free. Although it allows users to create a website for free, we all are well aware of how much limited free platforms can be. A Wix subscription is required to use the platform to its fullest. Although a Wix subscription is required to use the platform to its best, Wix pricing plans are not sky-high.

Wix premium is packed to the core with features and allows users to create websites of any niche. However, similar to other website builders, the premium plan of Wix also has its fair share of ups and downs, which we will tell you about in detail and will also give you a details overview of Wix pricing plans.

Wix Pricing Plans

Wix Pricing Plans
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Wix offers a free plan as well as eight paid plans to help all of its users to create their needed websites. Every Wix pricing plan comes with a unique set of features. Let’s start with the professional Wix website pricing plans, which are geared toward users who don’t want to build an eCommerce website.

1. Wix Combo Plan

The Wix Combo plan costs $16 per month and includes a custom domain name for a year that helps the user build their brand. Moreover, an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, 2GB of storage space, 30 minutes of videos, and remove all Wix ads that appear in the free plan. This plan includes 24/7 customer service and is more professional than the free plan. The Combo plan is good for creating portfolios, resumes, and personal sites.

2. Wix Unlimited Plan

Wix Unlimited plan is available at $22 per month and includes all the features of the Combo plan. Additionally, a $600 worth of ad voucher, site booster, and visitor insights are also included in the Unlimited plan. The storage space is increased from 2GB to 5GB, and video time is increased from 30 minutes to one hour.

3. Wix Pro Plan

The Wix Pro plan costs $27 per month and is designed for those looking for complete online branding. All the features of the Unlimited plan are included in this plan. Additionally, an Event Calendar app, 50 GB of storage, two hours of video, and 40 different sizes of logos are included.

4. Wix VIP Plan

Wix VIP Plan costs $45 per month and is one of the best for high-traffic blogging sites. In addition to all the features of the Pro plan, 100GB of storage and five hours of video are also included. Moreover, priority customer care is also included; this allows users to connect with customer support without sending emails.

Wix Business and eCommerce Plan

Wix Business and eCommerce Plan
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Wix business eCommerce plan offers users powerful features for creating and managing online stores. Additionally, HD storage and powerful Wix business apps such as Wix Bookings are also included.

All the business plan of Wix includes a free custom domain, SSL encryption, and features for secure online payments and for quick checkouts. The Wix business eCommerce plan divides into four categories, starting from:

1. Wix Business Basic Plan

The plan costs $27 per month and includes 50GB of storage, five hours of video, $600 worth of ad vouchers, and various features for showcasing and selling unlimited products.

It is one of the most robust plans as it also allows users to create and manage online services other than selling products. Wix Business Basic plan offers more than enough features to help the user pick up the user’s website off the ground and is perfect for those who want to create a new online business.

2. Wix Business Unlimited Plan

Wix Business Unlimited costs $27 per month and is one of the most popular plans, and includes all the features of the Business Basic plan. Moreover, 100GB of storage, ten hours of video, features for displaying prices in local currency, and automated sale tax features are also included in this plan.

This plan is one of the best for stores that sell items internationally. The plan offers features for dropshipping up to 250 products, end-to-end order fulfillment management, and reaching more potential shoppers by selling on online markets. Business Unlimited also allows users to create product reviews, which is necessary for building trust and credibility.

3. Wix Business VIP Plan

The Business Unlimited plan costs $59 per month, and in addition to including all features of the Business VIP plan, it offers users unlimited storage, drops shipment as well as priority customer care. The plan also includes an analytic and loyalty program, allowing users to get valuable insights and reward returning customers.

The business VIP plan is one of the best for large online stores that generates a high number of monthly transactions and needs fast customer service.

4. Wix Business Enterprise Plan

The Business Enterprise plan costs $500 and includes all features of the Business VIP Plan. This plan is the complete digital solution for businesses as it offers tailored features to meet any business needs. It offers a personalized account manager, custom storage, scalable billing options, and more. Although the Business Enterprise plan has the most offerings, to use this plan, you will need to contact the Wix sales team.

Wix Free Plan

What makes Wix unique from other website builders is its free plan. The Wix free plan includes 500MB of storage space and bandwidth. The free plan also includes customer support. The features of the free plan are more than good enough for creating a stunning website, but users cannot create a custom domain name in it, and various Wix ads are hard not to notice.

The Wix free version is one of the best free website builders in the market and is a good choice for those who need experience in website building without commenting on a paid service.

Wix Additional Costs

Although Wix allows users to create a website for free, if they want additional features, they will need to purchase a Wix plan or purchase features separately. 

Some of the major features that Wix does not offer for free are:

Wix Domain Cost: Although Wix offers a domain name in its free version, that is not a custom domain. Wix does not offer a custom domain name; it requires users to make an annual subscription or connect a domain by purchasing the “Connect Domain” plan. The monthly paid plan of Wix only covers web hosting and does not include a custom domain name.

Wix Template Pricing: Wix includes over 800 templates, and all of them are free of cost. Although users can import any template they like for free, Wix templates are not interchangeable, meaning users won’t be able to change the template once it is imported.

Although 800 templates are more than enough, Wix also offers various premium templates that scale from $149 to $249.

Wix Email Cost: The free version of Wix does not offers users a professional email. To grab a professional email, users will need to make a Wix annual subscription.


1. What is Wix?

Wix is a website builder that enables you to create a website from scratch without any coding or design experience. With Wix, you can choose from a variety of templates and drag-and-drop elements to create a professional-looking website in minutes. Furthermore, users can even create a website for free.

2. Are there any drawbacks to using Wix?

While there are many benefits to using Wix, there are also some drawbacks. One drawback is that users don’t get much freedom when building a site with the free version, so they are limited in terms of customization and flexibility. Additionally, Wix websites can be slower to load than other types of websites, including Wix premium plans.

3. Does Wix have a money-back guarantee?

Yes! Wix offers a 14-day money-back guarantee on all premium plans. This allows users to test the platform at its best without any worries. Wix is a completely transparent platform, and users won’t be surprised when they sign up.

To Conclude

The Wix website cost is one of the lowest in the market and offers various functionalities, allowing users to create the perfect website for their niche. Although it also offers a free version, it is very limited and is also filled with Wix ads.

The Wix pricing plans are not sky-high, and thanks to the platform’s ease of use, it is also one of the best for beginners. Moreover, it includes a money-back guarantee, allowing users to test the platform and decide whether it is worth continuing or not.

Although Wix website builder pricing can vary, each plan offers an excellent set of features that can be used to create an attractive website or online store quickly. The features of Wix are some of the easiest to use and does an impressive job at helping users’ website or online store grow in search engine rankings.

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