21-Day Smoothie Diet Rapid Weight Loss Program – Honest Review!

21-Day Smoothie Diet Review: Is It Worth?

We all, at some point, try to make smart eating choices, but the real challenge is sticking to it. Introducing ONE NUTRIENT DENSE SMOOTHIE, incorporate it into your fitness diet to secure incredible benefits it offers. 

Flat Belly Flush with the 21-day smoothie diet, invented by health expert Drew Sgoutas. Smoothies, with all the right ingredients, are extremely healthy and keep a check on your fitness. Including all the basic nutrients the body needs, they are a classic blend of ease and convenience. 

This 21-Day Smoothie Diet Program is an ideal addition to ‘eat healthy’ journey that also adds the right pinch of YUMMMM to your diet. You get hooked! It also has a wider range of benefits that helps you optimize your fitness the right way. 

This 21 day smoothie diet for weight loss program is currently a very famous diet getting all the attention. Before you go on with it, here’s the 21-day smoothie diet reviews and vital information for you all.

What Is This 21-Day Smoothie Diet Plan For Weight Loss?

“The Smoothie Diet” is an e-book with thirty six smoothie recipes, a guide to the right shopping list & a 21 days timetable that tells you which smoothie to prepare each day. The book also provides a 3 days DETOX menu consisting of recipes & directions to replace 3 meals every day with the right smoothies. 

This smoothie diet program is ideally a 21 days long enhanced weight loss challenge (the folk is addressing it this way) that replaces minimum two meals a day. It comprises a lot of green veggies and fruits with tasty meal recipes to take you back on your killer fitness goals within a month.

The Diet’s Routine

The very famous 21 days smoothie diet actually takes 24 days. Why 24? 3 days extra for the preparatory detox process. Weight loss in just 24 days? Doesn’t it sound like a dream? 

Still there’s a lot to discover. An honest review of the smoothie diet 21 day program further in the article. Keep reading!  

How Many Smoothies In A Day For The Best Results?

Going over the limit is always a big no in anything you do. Consuming 4-5 smoothies a day instead of the recommended number would do no good. Watch the number you consume. For fitness, the number can be different. For weight loss goals, it can differ. Please be careful. 

The consumption depends upon different factors like your daily calorie limit. Your meal and smoothie consumption must be balanced. 

It also depends on the meals you are replacing with these smoothies. If you are comfortable with swapping two meals, two smoothies in a day is enough. 

How Does 21-Day Smoothie diet plan for weight loss Work?

Like warming up for exercise & practice before the performance, your body must be detoxed and prepared for this diet plan. For that, follow the three-day supplementary smoothie detox to give it a kickstart. After that, the entire program is a 21-day cycle with continuity at its core to show its intended results. 

The focussed plan begins post the detoxing process. You will have to drink smoothies every day from day one till the last day of your challenge, substituting them with what you consume regularly. Initially, the cravings and hunger pangs might bother you, but 2-3 days into it & you are sorted. It’s a prolonged feeling of satisfaction that stays.   

Remember, you will have to couple the smoothie diet with low carb and high protein meals every day, without fail. The fact that it’s high in fiber and water, it keeps you hydrated all day long and also enhances your digestive health. The result? Your body gets the power to absorb more nutrients in a short period of time. 

This plan also aims at eliminating fatty foods from your diet that caps the production of fat in the body. 

Interesting Facts About 21-Day Smoothie Diet Plan

  1. Speeds up your metabolism. 
  2. Green smoothies are extremely rich in fiber.
  3. Like it claims, you can start to see results in just 21 days.
  4. It’s an ideal meal for toddlers and kids too.
  5. All you need are some fresh seasonal food. 
  6. Boosts immunity & gives you long-lasting energy

A girl took 21 day smoothie diet challenge showing biceps after loosing weight

What Food To Eat With The Smoothie Diet?

As mentioned earlier, the diet’s main concept is replacing your fat-rich meals with multiple varieties of smoothies. Therefore, you consume more greens and fruits eliminating junk and calories. Along with everything, experts recommend that you must eat protein and high fiber foods for a perfectly balanced diet like:

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Yogurt 
  • Bananas
  • Lentils
  • Beets
  • Avocado
  • Apple
  • Oats
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries, etc…

21 day smoothie diet plan for weight loss

7 Health Benefits of 21-Day Smoothie Diet Plan – Detailed Guide

Lifestyle, diet & medical issues, all of these contribute heavily to weight gain in both men and women. Dependency on ‘Quick and Easy’ food is a trap that many today are unknowingly dragging themselves through without realizing how badly it can impact their overall health in the long run. The diet plays a major role in the race to manage your life. 

What you eat makes you. 

Therefore, the program has multiple health benefits that you can’t avoid. So let’s unfold them one after another. 

  1. Weight Loss

To sum up what weight loss is, it’s a calorie deficit. You burn more calories than you intake to keep your weight in check. Focussed on the same plan of action, the smoothie diet helps you shed those extra kilos off your body that’s visible in your overall appearance.  

Remember that the 21-day smoothie diet challenge is based on green smoothies comprising a lot of green vegetables and fruits. Their efficiency increases when fat foods decrease from your diet that add to calories. Therefore, substituting the smoothies with your diet means directly cutting calories intake, taking the weighing machine pin to the left. 

Did you know that hunger pangs and cravings are also one of the major causes of the weighing machine pin going to the right? Yes! The fact that the smoothies are rich in fiber and protein, it keeps your cravings and pangs at arm’s length. 

Let your smoothie jar do its job now! 

  1. Improves Your Digestive Health

All the smoothies are powered by fiber-rich ingredients. Fiber is absolutely a powerful dose for your gut system. These smoothies boost your digestive system, followed by a regular bowel system. 

A smoothie diet is also particularly rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, both superior nutrition for the digestive system. 

  1. Boosts Immunity

As per multiple studies, green veggies comprise most of the nutrients our bodies need for an improved immune system. Smoothies are very rich in Vitamin C that maintains the body’s immune system to fight infections and other unwelcome guests. 

For your immunity system to be on point, smoothie it is! 

smoothie diet 21 days

  1. You Get The Right Nutrients

As mentioned enough, the very foundation of this smoothie diet is fruits and veggies. Such a healthy combination regularly for 21 days gives your body enough required nutrients. You feel fit, positive & satisfied. 

  1. Low Cholesterol

A green smoothie makes the entry of bile acid sequestrants into your body an easy-peasy thing. Bile acid sequestrants are natural chemicals that lower the unhealthy cholesterol in your body. It also doesn’t allow fats to deposit on artery walls, which reduces heart disease risk.

You get everything that’s mentioned above sorted with just one smoothie. Can it be any easier? 

  1. Reduced Risk of Cardiac Diseases

Low body cholesterol is directly linked to decreased chances of cardiac arrest. 

Leafy veggies are dense in antioxidants, Vitamin C & beta-carotene. Smoothie is a safe dieting option capable of reversing oxidative damage that free radicals produce, given its richness in Vitamin C. 

  1. Increases Mental Health

If you are not confident about the way you look, it takes a bad toll on your mental health & it’s unavoidable. You become self-conscious that might stay with you as long as those extra kilos stay. 

When you finally achieve your desired weight, it shows in all spheres of your life. You become more confident and free. 

Cons of The 21-Day Smoothie Diet Plan

Understand that weight loss is a complete journey in itself. The body changes. Your body is used to your usual weight, so undergoing changes is going to be tough that way. You will get happiness and confidence, but some risks might come along too. 

Worry not, it won’t necessarily happen to everyone, but chances can turn into reality. You must be cautious! 

  1. Weight Gain

You are at a higher risk of losing muscle mass in the race to reduce your weight quickly. If you get back to old eating habits thinking that now the 21-day smoothie diet challenge is over & you are free to stuff with anything and everything, you might gain double the weight you lost. 

A heavy women trying smoothie diet 21 days challenge to loose weight

  1. Nutritional Deficiencies

Smoothies are a liquid replacement for the main diet with all the critical nutrients. But, they are also calorie-deficit, lacking other essential nutrients that your body needs in some quantities at least. If you go on with the 21 day smoothie diet plan challange for an extended period, you can push yourself to the risk of developing nutritional deficiencies. 

  1. Vitamin K

Smoothies made with green leafy vegetables are rich in Vitamin K that can reduce the effectiveness of drug like coagulants. 

If you are on blood thinning medications, the 21 day smoothie diet challenge is not for you. You must consult the doctor before starting any such smoothie diet. 

Who All Are Fit For This Challenge

Understand the difference. Everyone is fit to have smoothies, but not everyone can follow the plan. The program is not recommended for the long-run if you stick to replacing your two or more meals with these green smoothies. 

Professional guidance is recommended. They will properly assess your medical history and health to plan a smoothie diet timeline that would work in your favor.

Final Conclusion: The 21-day Smoothie Diet Reviews

We tried providing you with every information you need to know about the 21-day smoothie diet. The crux of the 21-day smoothie diet review is a big YAY for those looking for a healthy, chemical-free option to stay fit and healthy where diet is concerned. There might be some cons but the list of pros is enough to give it a try. 

21 days is not a bigger deal. Greens deserve that much time and space in your body, right? For rapid results, it’s a thumbs up.

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